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With over 40 hours’ of personalised expert advice, fun educational activities and learning resources for you and your 0-5 year old.

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    Over 1,000 tailored activities delivered weekly for you and your little one. Including Montessori, Forest School and Mindfulness to explore each week.

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    Trustworthy expert content supporting you as a parent or carer, delivered exactly when you need it.

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    Exciting curriculum covering 7 areas of learning and celebrating diversity, inclusivity and a love of nature.


Our mission is to create a world in which no child is left behind.

Investing in the first few years of your child’s life, makes all the difference. 
The Early Years are essential because it’s when we learn how to empathise, manage our emotions and build relationships. Put simply, it shapes the adults we become.

That’s why we’ve createdBabbu a secret weapon for early childhood development.



Over 1,000 activities covering your child from conception to reception



Personalised expert advice supporting you as a parent, on your journey



Spend quality time with your little one, from just 15 minutes of play a day

The first app endorsed by

Montessori Group

Babbu is the first educational platform to be endorsed by The Montessori Group- A global leader in Montessori provision, supporting exceptional Montessori education throughout the world.

“We’re proud to endorseBabbu through our STAR process,publicly identifying them as providing high-quality, child-centered educational resources and signalling the start of a long-term collaborative partnership between our two organisations 

Karen Chetwynd,CEO of Montessori Group

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Babbu is jam-packed with helpful hints, lessons, tricks and advice to help empower you and your child to reach your full potential, whatever the context of your lives.


A Chat with Elliot Rae

Advice on the go!

A selection of podcasts with experts on topics such as PND, sleep, working life and more.

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Babbu is fast becoming one of the most-loved parenting platforms in the UK.


"The best parent apps you need to download"


"A new early years app aims to plug the education gap between children who access nursery and those who can’t afford to"

Working Mums

"3 ground-breaking apps every mother should download"

The Modems

"The first-of-its-kind nursery app, has been designed to help parents to navigate the early years of their lives"

London Daily News

"The new online nursery should come as timely support for parents"

Working Dads

"Dubbed a ‘digital nursery’, Babbu is an early-years ecosystem designed to empower parents to better support their child's development in the first five years of their life"


Meet the experts

Built by parents and Early Years educators, we have distilled decades of scientific research, to make it easyaccessible  and fun.  Putting the tools, resources and expertise, seemingly reserved for the ‘nursery elite’, into the hands of parents and carers everywhere, navigating this journey with very little support.

Jane Magnani

Head of Education at Babbu

Sophie Beart

Montessori Lead at Babbu

Lauren Mills

Forest School Lead at Babbu

Debi John

Play Therapist

Katie Gordon-Morris

Special Educational Needs Teacher

Gabriella Conti

Professor of Economics at UCL

Dr Nick Prior

Psychiatrist and Mindfulness Expert

Dr Graham Music

Child Psychotherapist

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Think of Babbu as your wing-parent. We're here for you whenever you need us, wherever you are, helping you get through tough times and find joy in every day.

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